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KVA Prep

18 Months - 36 Months, with Parent/Caregiver
(90 minutes, 2 days per week)

This preschool program offers grown ups and child a chance to bond while exploring all kinds of activities, including play centres, story time, blocks, art, music and gym! The KVA Prep program is designed to prepare children for a separated class by encouraging independence while they play in a social environment. Transitioning between classrooms and activities will allow little ones to gain confidence and familiarity with a structured routine, allowing children to not only seamlessly graduate to our licensed drop-off toddler program, but also creates a morning full of activity and excitement!. �Secure your little one's spot for the entire school year,�and get 1 month FREE!

KVA Prep (18 - 36 Months), Tuesday & Thursday Mornings Plans available from CAD$220Purchase required to enroll

KVA Prep (18 - 36 Months), Monday & Wednesday Afternoons CAD$220Purchase required to enroll